NSA Ohio's Art of Presentation

Your communication skills and abilities as a presenter are crucial to your success as a business person. Each day you encounter meetings, training opportunities, committee reports, and client presentations in which your presentation abilities have a direct impact on your success.


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

NSA Ohio's Art of Presentation is an online course provided by NSA Ohio (National Speakers Association), the association for professional speakers. The faculty guiding you through the course materials are professional speakers who are leaders in their field. However, they are focused on your needs as business people experiencing all the communication challenges you face.

Via video lessons, documents, how-to articles, and exercises, the course helps you navigate through the facets of successful presentations which can be a secret weapon to career advancement.

From the art and science of presentations, to preparing your content, and finally delivering the message successfully, this self-directed course will enhance your communication skills.

Preparation - The Art and Science

 - How To Transform Stakeholders Into Advocates: Discover how to use audience analysis to craft messages that turn listeners into champions for your cause.

- Cultivate Your Executive Presence: Learn to project executive  authority through powerful personal branding.

- Master The Power Of Flexibility: Discover communication styles that enable you to be persuasive in every situation.


Planning Your Message

- Strategic Content Crafting: Discover the keys to leverage research and development tools to create content that engages and informs with precision.

- Blueprint Your Success: Organize your thoughts into clear and concise structures that guide your audience to take action.  


Delivering Your Message

- Engage with Stories: Utilize the art of storytelling to create a bond with your listeners and leave a lasting impression.

- Visuals That Captivate: Design slides and visuals that amplify your message and captivate your audience.

- Conquer Technical Complexity: Break complex topics into clear and understandable presentations that resonate.

- Prepare for Impact: Equip yourself with mental and physical strategies to approach each presentation with confidence.

- Open With Power: Learn how to grab attention from the start and set the stage for a successful presentation.

- Drive Action And Accountability: Create a path for your audience to follow through with clear next steps.

- Effectively Navigate Q&A: Discover how to handle questions with poise and turn them into opportunities to strengthen your message.

- Leave a Lasting Impression: Close with a call to action that inspires and moves your audience.

- Principles of Influence: Apply proven influence strategies to ensure your message doesn't just inform — it transforms.