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What do Barney® the purple dinosaur, Thomas the Tank Engine® and YOU have in common? All have been served (or are about to be) by Russ Riddle!


Having practiced marriage for 37 years, law for 29, fatherhood for 28, and braved adventures as a juvenile probation officer and professional speaker, Russ is convinced that we must never stop learning and laughing.


His love of levity stems in part from an intellectual property law practice that has served such clients as Barney®, Bob the Builder®, Thomas the Tank Engine®, the voices of Jimmy Neutron® and Larry the Cucumber®, as well as many NSAcharacters throughout the country.


Russ currently serves on the National Speakers Association’s Board of Directors and is immediate past chair of the editorial committee for SPEAKER Magazine. He’s the author of two books: Lawyer Up – The Smart Way and Persuasive vs. Abrasive – The judges have ruled, as well as the intellectual property manual Corral Your Cash Cow.


He is appropriately known as the “Anomaly at Law®,” for he’s down to earth, clearly communicates and lavishes others with levity.


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February 2021

Who are we?

The Ohio chapter of the National Speakers Association is the premiere resource for professionals in Ohio who make speaking part of their business. We are keynote speakers, trainers, consultants, professors, facilitators, business coaches, life coaches, authors, experts and thought leaders. Each month we meet in Columbus, Ohio to collaborate and share our best practices and strategies for building our businesses. If you are looking for a community to help you start your speaking business, grow and elevate your existing business, or find a speaker for your next event, this is the place for you.

How can we help you?

You can learn and master the ins and outs of the speaking business on your own, but why do it the hard way? You can significantly accelerate your learning curve, and master the components of professional speaking and the speaking business with the help of other professional speakers and experts.

At our monthly chapter gatherings in Columbus, Ohio, you will:
  • Learn from the best! – You will experience content-rich programs from leading experts. You’ll learn how to build your business and polish your platform skills, while staying current with swiftly changing best practices.
  • Network with the best! – Come for the learning, stay for the networking. You’ll rub elbows with many of the nation’s foremost keynoters, trainers, and professional communicators. Many speaking engagements come from peer referrals, so building friendships with other speakers is both fun and profitable.
  • Be aligned with the best! - The National Speakers Association is known for its high level of integrity. When you associate yourself with this organization, meeting planners trust that you are committed to excellence and credibility.

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We understand that starting and building a profitable speaking business is hard work.

Having partners on your journey make it so much easier!

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The benefits of joining NSA Ohio have allowed me to establish and enhance my speaking business, meet with other professional speakers, learn how to speak for a living, and connect with the best speakers in the world of professional speakers.

Lillian Zarzar

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