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ProTrack Speakers Academy

NSA Ohio’s Premier Program for Professional Speaker Development


Ready to Take Your Speaking Business to the Next Level?

It all begins October 14, 2018


Who Should Participate?

Emerging Speakers

Mid-level Speakers

Seasoned Professional Speakers

You and a team of engaged participants work together with successful professional speakers in this highly effective action group format to move your speaking to the next level.

ProTrack offers information and tools for progress no matter if you are a beginner or an accomplished professional. ProTrack will give you a priceless opportunity to jump on a fast-track for growth and development.


What Will You Learn?

ProTrack is designed to help you set a specific professional speaking goal and take concrete steps to achieve it.

  • develop and improve your presentation skills and platform mechanics
  • learn about what really works in the “business” of speaking
  • discover how to create speeches that are engaging and invite more business
  • understand how to organize your business so you maximize your time and receive more speaking opportunities
  • receive professional support and accountability
  • increase overall confidence and proficiency as a speaker
  • receive structure and systems to optimize your long-term success

The courses and assignments of the program are designed for learning and application that directly apply to speaking business success. Participants will engage themselves in learning through exploration of best practices and immediate application in their business. Through this accelerated program, participants who have become professional speakers sooner and have created businesses that have endured longer than those who have not chosen formal assistance.


“My ProTrack experience stretched my horizons. ProTrack was a powerful and supportive learning community. The information and training were practical and personal  – “ an efficacious combination.” 

–  Kendall C. Wright, NSA Ohio President 2006-2007

Video Testimonials: 




Rave Reviews:

“I took ProTrack at the beginning of my speaking career and got to take it for a second time a few years later when I facilitated the program. My speaking business would not be where it is today without the knowledge that I gained during these sessions. The instructors are fantastic and they really opened themselves up to us for an entire month after their segment of the program. I appreciate the generosity and expertise of the faculty that ProTrack offers and I recommend this program to anyone who wants to build a successful speaking business.” – Lisa Ryan

“The NSA Ohio ProTrack program is an outstanding program for anyone who wishes to move to the next level in their speaking profession. I have received invaluable information and support from our professional instructors who have experienced great success in professional speaking. Sharing my strengths and weaknesses with other participants of the program and seeing individual growth in all-involved reveals to me that “the sky is the limit.” – Marcia Harris, NSA Ohio Professional Member

“Pro-Track gave me excellent practical information and tools I needed to build my speaking business. I recommend it to anyone who wants to succeed as a professional speaker!” – Staci James, NSA Ohio Apprentice

“ProTrack was amazing. I’m still digesting and working through all the information I received. I thank all the amazing presenters who shared their expertise and experiences with us. It was incredibly valuable.” – Larry Terkel, NSA Professional Member

“ProTrack has given me the opportunity to focus in the on all the important aspects of the speaking business. Each session was wonderfully motivating and all the presenters were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very willing to share generously their tricks and tips.” – Anita Web Weaver

“ProTrack truly did give me the boost that I needed. Because of my involvement with the program, I went from having virtually zero bookings the previous year to professional member status in only 9 months instead of the required 12!” – Justin P. Zabor, NSA Ohio President, 2011-2012

“Developing and marketing a speaking business requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and resources. ProTrack nailed it with top speakers sharing their experience and expertise. It’s the fast track to being a pro.” – Michael Brickey, Ph.d., NSA Ohio Apprentice

“Participating in NSA Ohio’s ProTrack program has been one of the wisest investments I have made in my professional speaking career. Why? Because it has provided me with much needed laser-focus on every aspect of the business, from platform mechanics to running the business, and everything in between. Words cannot describe the deep level of bonding coming from my involvement in this program. Whether you are beginning in the business or a seasoned professional, the ProTrack program takes your business to the next level. It gives you the tools you need to succeed. ProTrack is worth every penny!” –  Christine Zust, NSA Ohio President, 2004-2005


Program Dates & Session Topics:

Logistics: This is an 8-month instructional program that includes the instructional sessions, presentation assessment workshop, homework reviews, and coaching. A maximum of 20 seats are available. Classes will be held in the afternoons following NSA Ohio meetings.

Location: Quest Conference Center

8405 Pulsar Place Columbus, OH 43240

ProTrack Session Dates/Times (All sessions 1:00pm-4:30pm, except as noted):


  • Oct. 14, 2018 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM  Begin the Journey – Accelerating Your Speaking Opportunities
Ray Waite Session Facilitator

Ray Waite
Session Facilitator

Jim Canterucci Session Facilitator

Jim Canterucci
Session Facilitator

Session Description:  ProTrack XII manager Ray Waite prompts individuals to identify their current challenges and desired outcomes of the ProTrack program, highlights the ProTrack expectations and requirements, and creates a picture of the landscape of professional speaking.

What problem do you solve? Jim Canterucci helps you explore how you will match your message to the market that will pay for what you offer.

  • Nov. 11, 2018 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM  Making Your Topic Rock
Christine Zust Session Facilitator

Christine Zust
Session Facilitator

Maureen Zappala Session Facilitator

Maureen Zappala
Session Facilitator

Session Description:  The “Communication Queen” Christine Zust invites you to learn how to make your topic rock with content, value, and style. You will learn the secret of creating a compelling signature story that uniquely describes what you provide for your customers.

Maureen Zappala is a master on storytelling techniques and, as part of her High Altitude Strategies company, has coached many on story development.   You will learn the secret of creating a compelling signature story that uniquely describes what you provide for your customers.

  • Dec. 9, 2018  9:00 AM – 5 PM  Magnificent Performances
Rosemarie Rossetti Session Facilitator

Rosemarie Rossetti
Session Facilitator

Justin Zabor Session Facilitator

Justin Zabor
Session Facilitator

Lillian ZarZar, CSP Session Facilitator

Lillian Zarzar, CSP
Session Facilitator

Session Description:  It is now your turn to present your story and shine! A panel of veteran expert evaluators will share constructive feedback to help make your talk more powerful. Individual feedback provides you with the perspectives that are invaluable in sharpening your story. Your performance will be video recorded.


Jan. 12, 2019 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM  Mastering Speaking Mechanics and Platform

Patrick Donadio Session Facilitator

Patrick Donadio,  CSP, MCC
Session Facilitator

Dave Caperton Session Facilitator

Dave Caperton
Session Facilitator

Session Description:  Patrick Donadio, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and MCC (Master Certified Coach) demonstrates the finest points of platform skills, as well as preparation (room set-up, microphone use, Powerpoint, etc.). You will learn how to master the art of successful stage presence and audience connection.


Dave Caperton, a former educator and professional stand-up comedian and comedy writer, has entertained over 750 top organizations with his humor and message of positive mindset. Dave will share the hows and whys of including humor in your talks when delivering your message.

  • Feb. 9, 2019 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM  Proven Sales and Marketing Techniques for Speakers
Ted Janusz Session Facilitator

Ted Janusz, CSP
Session Facilitator

Lisa Ryan Session Facilitator

Lisa Ryan
Session Facilitator

Session Description: Ted Janusz, CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional),  has delivered “Marketing for Emerging Speakers” to NSA chapters around the country. His marketing message includes his expert view and inside tips on social media marketing.

Past NSA President Lisa Ryan covers a multitude of marketing methods and tools to help you recognize the options and opportunities you have to grow your speaking business.  Lisa is an expert in Sales Marketing and will provide you with tips and tools to save you time and help you lock in more business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • Mar. 9, 2019  1:00 PM – 4:30 PM  Organize and Strategize
Lori Firsdon Session Facilitator

Lori Firsdon
Session Facilitator

Jim Canterucci Session Facilitator

Jim Canterucci
Session Facilitator

Session Description:  Lori Firsdon, who has been featured on television for her expertise as a professional organizer, will share her systems for organization. Learn the secrets to delight your customers and event planners with quick response times and a well  organized business image.

Jim Canterucci will share the “get started” business details of contracts and pricing, and provide his wisdom of the speaking profession.


  • Apr. 13, 2019 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM  Increase your Income with Books and Products
Angie Hollerich Session Facilitator

Angie Hollerich 
Session Facilitator

Fran Kick Session Facilitator

Fran Kick, CSP
Session Facilitator

Maureen Zappala Session Facilitator

Maureen Zappala
Session Facilitator

Session Description:  Angie Hollerick has multiple books and products to her credit, and will share the what, why and how of authorship and product development.

Fran Kick, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), is a powerful speaker and successful author.  Fran will share his experience with selling books and products, and will leave you with a large list of resources to help your publishing business.

Maureen Zappola is no stranger to publishing, having authored several books. This past year, she co-authored the book “Buckeye Reflections” with Ohio State University football media personality Jack Park, and has just recently published “Pushing Your Envelope”. Maureen will share her tips and wisdom on how to use publishing to increase your income.



  • May 18, 2019 1:00 PM  – 4:30 PM  Putting it all Together – “ProTrack Showcase”

Session Description:  As part of ProTrack XII graduation, you will join your colleagues to showcase your speaking talents by delivering your story as part of the May NSA Ohio monthly meeting. This is your opportunity to share your story with members of the NSA Ohio chapter.

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