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Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP
NSA National President

Creating Systems that Put You Center Stage

• Learn how Ruby has become a celebrity in her niche market and how you can too

• Find out how to get referrals and testimonials with one simple technique

• Learn how to avoid cold calling and still get booked

• Review strategies for planning your presentations to plant subliminal seeds that make audience members want to hire you

• Develop systems to improve your efficiency

• Learn strategies for becoming a hero to every meeting planner

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Lillian Zarzar, CSP

The Quantum Truth

The magnificent Universe is designed in perfect equilibrium. When you perceive it to be otherwise you take yourself and your audiences into a fermionic oscillation that affects your energy and confuses your audiences.

In this session your journey takes you into the quantum plane – to think beyond you go within. Align with your energetic source, evaluate the emotions that cause an imbalance, and express gratitude for your life as you created it.

You are the messenger for others, you are the conduit of energy...appreciate your bosonic self and inspire your audience!

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