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Speaker Hall of Fame,
Cavett Recipient
NSA-Ohio May 4th

The ultimate secret to platform power and personal success as a speaker is to discover your own authentic life message and to learn how to deliver it with heart and wisdom!

Glenna will be sharing some amazing tools for excavating your life stories and will guide you through the very process of using these tools.

You will be challenged to answer the questions that will reveal "the real you" to you!
In addition, Glenna will show you how to apply your life stories to a variety of audiences.

And, finally, you will discover the keys to organizing your material and delivering it with rhythm and meaning.

About Glenna
In 2005, Glenna was the recipient of the highest honor given in NSA, the Cavett Award.
Known for her spontaneity, humor and high energy, Glenna is an extraordinary communicator.
Glenna speaks on leadership, balance, inspiration and communication within the corporate culture, as well as for associations and small business owners. Many of her clients appear on the Fortune 500 list.
A graduate of Northwestern University, Glenna holds a Masters Degree from UCLA and a Masters from Fuller Seminary. She was married to the late Jim Salsbury, a former Detroit Lion and Green Bay Packer. She is the mother of three daughters and resides with her family in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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2014 NSA National Convention
San Diego, CA
June 29-July 2, 2014

Perform [per-form 2014] verb or noun (as in Perform 2014)

  • Master the platform and your onstage performance.

  • Build and operate a high performance business with various models and approaches to profitability.

  • Deliver high performance results and tangible value for your clients and audiences.

    Perform. How do you do it?

    No matter your platform, this year’s annual NSA Convention will help you, in practical and strategic ways, expand your business of professional speaking.

    Presenters include experts like
    Erik Wahl,
    Steve Forbes,
    Nancy Duarte,
    and a 'super secret' line-up
    for our last two closing sessions that will blow your mind.

    Save the date now; and register to join us in San Diego, California, June 29-July 2 for Perform 2014.

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    The Master Negotiator

    Greg Williams is a people-oriented business professional, with an extensive background in Public Speaking, Training, and delivering Keynotes, in the subject areas of:

    Motivation, Negotiation, Interviewing Strategies & Techniques, Strategies to becoming Successful, and The plight of small, minority businesses in turbulent economic times.

    Greg is the author of the highly acclaimed audio CD sets, “How To Negotiate Your Way To Success”, “How to Become a Dynamic Interviewer – Developed For The Savvy H.R. Professional”, and the latest bestseller titled “Negotiate – Afraid, Know More (AKM).” He is the author of the bestselling book, “Negotiate: Afraid, ‘Know’ More”, the highly acclaimed audio CD set, “How To Negotiate Your Way To Success”, and the worldwide distributed, “Negotiation Tip of the Week”. His new video DVD, “How to Read and Use Body Language When Negotiating”, and his new audio CD, “Winning Negotiation Strategies Using Body Language and Physiognomics” are the latest entry of hit products.

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