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“Speakers Academy/ProTrack was amazing. I’m still digesting and working through all the information I received. I thought the best part was the opportunity to bond with my fellow ProTrackers, a bond that I believe will continue for many years to come. I thank all the amazing presenters who shared their expertise and experiences with us. It was incredibly valuable.”
—Larry Terkel, NSA Ohio Professional Member


Our Speakers Academy (ProTrack)sets a process in motion that creates a strong foundation for a speaker. It will give any aspiring or seasoned speaker a priceless opportunity to jump on a fast track of growth and development. If you’re serious about the speaking profession, this program will help you develop or perfect presentation and speaking business skills, provide professional and emotional support to help develop confidence and proficiency as a speaker, and supply a structure to optimize your long-term success.

The required tasks of the program are designed for learning and implementation that directly apply to speaking business success. Participants will engage themselves in learning through exploration of best practices and immediate application in their business for direct results. By accelerating their learning, participants who have been involved in chapter tutorial programs have become professional speakers sooner and have created businesses that have endured longer than those who have not chosen formal assistance.


Speakers Academy is designed for developing speakers who wish to experience a major acceleration in their business as part-time or full-time professional speakers; for mid-level speakers who need knowledge in specific areas of the business to excel; and, for professional speakers who wish to take their current business to the next level.

Speakers Academy is based on the philosophy of the National Speakers Association and in support of the dream of its founder, Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE, who believed that guiding new and established speakers is the best way to enhance speaking and business skills. As Cavett would say, “As we raise the level of our own professionalism, we raise the level for the entire industry, thereby creating a bigger pie rather than scrambling for our piece of a smaller one.”

“Developing and marketing a speaking business requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and resources. ProTrack nailed it with top speakers sharing their experience and expertise. It’s the fast track to being a pro.” 
—Michael Brickey, Ph.D., NSA Ohio Apprentice


Administration, Monitoring and Support
The NSA Ohio community of Certified Speaking Professionals and other chosen experts will supply instruction, coaching, and support, while monitoring the participants’ progress.

Peer Camaraderie and Support
Speakers Academy is designed to foster professional fellowship and support, creating a strong sense of collegiality while learning with and from one another.

Professional Understanding
The facilitators understand the various skill levels of participating speakers, and the demands of participants’ possible full time jobs. Although all participants may be engaged in the same tasks, they may pursue them at levels appropriate to their current skill level.

Professionals Giving Back
As part of the commitment, participants are encouraged to contribute their strengths to the chapter. This may be done in a variety of ways, such as contributing on a committee, project, or task force.

This is an 8-month instructional program that includes the competency instructional sessions, presentation assessment workshops, homework reviews and coaching. Our Speakers Academy Director will contact you for a pre-program interview prior to being accepted into the program. A maximum of 20 seats are available per Class.

 Next Speakers Academy Starts January 2014

Contact Speakers Academy Director Lisa Stromeier
To Register 614-286-8905

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Financial Investment
Choose the option that fits best for you:

Speakers Academy Discount Fee $1445.00. Save 15% with full advance payment. (regularly $1700), Membership $120, 5 Seminars $316 (includes one free seminar) $25 One-time administrative fee

Total: $1906.00


Speakers Academy Monthly Payment $1700.00 (12 Monthly payments/no discount) Membership $120, 5 Seminars $395 (no discount) Monthly Payment Surcharge $50, One-time administrative fee $25
Total: $2290.00

Speakers Academy ProTrack Fee Structure