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NSA Ohio Social Justice Statement


We are deeply saddened by the events leading up to, and following, the brutal deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others.

As a chapter of the National Speakers Association, our intent is to be thoughtful, respectful, and authentic in our comments. We cannot fully understand the depth of racism and the pain, prejudice, and suffering that follow.  We cannot know what the members of the Black community have and are experiencing, but we can and do offer our compassion and total support.

We understand that what is happening is not just one event or a series of events – it is a movement.  And we will leverage our chapter platform in such a way that it provides opportunity for each of us to make a positive impact for change.

Black Lives Matter.
We believe, that as speakers, we have a responsibility to use our spheres of influence to support and assist in this movement for the betterment of humanity; and shine a light on the most critical aspects of being human – understanding, kindness and decency. 

We believe systemic change starts with genuine caring and listening, gaining a deep understanding of the issues, and leading ourselves and others to thoughtful and purposeful action.

To that end, we will:

  • Continue to connect and keep this critical dialogue alive so that every member of this chapter and Friends of NSA everywhere feel heard, understood and treated with respect, kindness and decency
  • To lead and serve with deep listening and understanding, compassion, kindness, and a zero tolerance for racism and injustice in any form
  • Ensure that all NSA Ohio activities and events continue to be a safe place for all to speak their truth
  • Continue to embrace and expand diversity and inclusion in all of its forms within our Chapter and beyond
  • To learn all we can to better understand the Black experience and bring positive change to this movement through thoughtful and purposeful action

NSA Ohio Board of Directors
Greg Kozera, President; Peter Margaritis, Immediate Past President/Treasurer; Roxanne Kaufman Elliott, President Elect; Brian Wagner, Vice President; Susanna Goulder, Secretary; Dave Caperton, Director of Membership; Andrea Campbell, Director of ProTrack; Ray Waite, Director of Professional Development; David Crone, Director of Operations