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Can NSA Ohio help me get more speaking engagements?

We are not a speaker’s bureau, however, when you join our chapter, you will meet others who could possibly recommend you for a speaking engagement. In addition, we actively promote our web site (which has member contact information) and soon, our online directory to meeting professionals, association executives and the media.

What are the requirements to become a Professional Member of NSA Ohio?

You must first be a member of the National Speakers Association at the national level. Then you join the NSA Ohio Chapter as a full Professional Member.

If you choose to not join (or do not qualify, per the requirements listed below) at the national level, you can apply to be a part of NSA Ohio’s Apprentice Candidacy Program. This is a program (maximum 2 years) to help emerging and part-time speakers qualify for full Professional membership.

How Do I join the National Speakers Association at the national level?

There are different membership categories for NSA national. To become an NSA Professional Member you need to verify that you have earned income from at least 20 fee-paid speaking engagements in the prior 12 months (or $25,000 in speaking fees in the prior 12 months). Verification documents include program documents, testimonial letters, contract copies or tax returns. If you make presentations as part of your salaried job, include a letter from your supervisor. If you cannot qualify for Professional Member, you may choose to join as an Academy Member, and take advantage of the training resources for aspiring speakers. For more details on the NSA national membership, visit

What counts as a paid presentation, and how do I document them?

A paid presentation is one where a fee or payment for product has been received. Compensation for travel, hotel stay, etc. is not accepted as a form of payment. You must receive a monetary payment.

Tax documents, contracts, invoices, check stubs, or items of that nature will suffice to confirm your speaking engagements.

If it is in your job description to speak that would qualify you for membership. Documentation, however, is requested.  A letter from your supervisor or a job description is acceptable.

 Do speakers who present as part of their salaried positions qualify for membership?

Speakers who make a minimum of 20 presentations annually to audiences of 15 people or more as part of their salaried positions qualify.

Speakers who contract with seminar companies, corporate trainers, college-level or full-time adjunct faculty members and teachers who speak outside the classroom for a monetary fee all meet the speaking criteria detailed above.

Teaching a college-level, lecture-based class can satisfy membership requirements if a copy of the contract with the institution of employment, a copy of the curriculum and /or adequate documentation of class size and number of presentations are provided with the membership application.

What is the relationship between the National Speakers Association (NSA) and NSA Ohio?

The National Speakers Association (NSA) provides resources and education to advance the skills, integrity and value of its members and the speaking profession. Member education is accomplished through conventions, labs and workshops that are held periodically in various locations around the U.S. and other countries. Specific requirements must be met to qualify for NSA membership. For more information, visit

NSA Ohio is a local chapter of the National Speakers Association. It provides regular educational opportunities for speakers who are NSA members, and for speakers who have not yet qualified for NSA membership. Special educational opportunities are also made available to these “emerging speakers” through the NSA Ohio Apprentice Candidacy Program.

I’m an NSA National member, doesn’t that mean I already belong to the local chapter?

NSA National members are NOT automatically placed into a chapter. The member needs to join the local chapter separately. This also means that chapter memberships are not transferrable.

What are the benefits of joining NSA?

Some of the benefits of National Membership include:

Raise the bar. You will be surrounded by the best professional speakers in the business, and you will learn from them and their experience at every encounter.

Perfect your skills. You will be given the opportunity to hone your platform and entrepreneurial skills at national and local events.

Grow your network. You will build new relationships with peers and super-achieving professionals who want to help you succeed.

Stay informed. As a member of NSA, you will receive Speaker Magazine, Voices of Experience, and access to a multitude of workshops and other learning resources.

Get recognized. As a National Member, you can display the NSA logo, be listed on the national directory, and have the opportunity to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation.

What are the benefits of joining NSA Ohio?

Speaking is a fabulous business, but it can be a lonely and challenging one too. It’s a business that is constantly changing, and there is always something new to learn. Having a local support network filled with like-minded people who share similar struggles ,have found ways to overcome them and are committed to building a strong speaking business is massively encouraging. The NSA Ohio chapter is a strong one with experienced, successful and wise professionals who are willing to teach, share and mentor. We laugh, we learn and we love what we do.

What’s the difference between NSA and Toastmasters?

While there may be some apparent similarities, and a lot of synergy between them, NSA and Toastmasters are two completely different organizations with completely different missions. Toastmasters focuses on building leadership and communication skills. NSA focuses on helping people build professional speaking businesses. In short, Toastmasters teaches the skill of speaking. NSA teaches the business of speaking. Many people are members of both.

Where and when are the meetings held?

NSA Ohio meetins are held the Quest Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio, conveniently located off of  I-71 at Polaris. These meetings are held on the 2nd SUNDAY of September, October, and November, and the 2nd SATURDAY of January, February, March, April, and May.  Occasionally, we will host other events in other parts of the state. Some are training events, some are social events and some are membership building events. You can be put on our mailing list to be alerted to events in your part of Ohio.

What are your meetings like? 

Meetings begin at 9 am and conclude after lunch at 1 pm.  At 1 pm, Professional Members are invited to participate in a breakout session from 1 pm - 2 pm with our guest speaker to further discuss key strategies to implement what they learned that morning.

Do I have to be a member to attend the meeting?

No.  We welcome guests and visitors, even repeat visitors. We do request that everyone register for meetings in advance for lunch headcount. First time visitors (VIPs) get reduced-rate pricing and preferred lunch.  Early-bird pricing is available for those who register at least a week prior to the event.

What is the cost?

Annual Professional Membership and Apprentice Candidacy dues are $150 (with a one-time $25 processing fee for new members).

Professional Members and Apprentice Candidates receive a special rate of $57 Early-bird or $69 regular-rate registration for each meeting, which can be paid in full at dues renewal, or per individual meeting throughout the year.  First-time attendees (VIPs) may attend at a rate of $67 Early-bird or $79 regular-rate registration for their first meeting.  All other guests may attend the meeting at the rate of $87 Early-bird or $99 regular-rate registration.

What’s the dress code for your meetings?

Most attendees will be in professional dress or business casual.

Do I need to pre-register?

Yes, please, if possible!  Lunch is provided, and we must provide a headcount for the caterer. Early-bird pricing is available for those who register a week prior to the meeting.  If you require a special lunch option due to dietary restriction, please email at least 3 days prior to event.

I’m not professional speaker yet. What can you offer to me?

You can apply for NSA Ohio’s Apprentice Candidacy Program. This does not require national membership.

What requirements must I meet to be considered for Apprentice Candidacy Program?

First and foremost, you MUST attend an NSA Ohio meeting prior to applying for the Apprentice Candidacy Program, so that you have opportunity to learn about NSA Ohio and what is has to offer you as an emerging speaker.  You are able to learn more and register for upcoming meetings on our home page:

The application period for the Apprentice Candidacy Program is OPEN.

If accepted, the Apprentice annual NSA Ohio dues are the same as Professional Members: $150 per year ($25 one-time processing fee), and reduced-rate of $57 Early-bird or $69 regular-rate for each meeting registration.

All Apprentice Candidacy Program candidates must provide evidence of growing their business as a speaker including, but not limited to: Facebook Business page, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube/Vimeo, Other. Each candidate must provide a current record of Paid and Pro Bono Speeches completed.

The Apprentice must complete their National Professional membership requirement within 24 months of their application in the program, an additional 12 months may be permitted at the discretion of the NSA Ohio Board.

Apprentice Candidates will have many of the same benefits as a professional membership, including special pricing for chapter meetings, networking opportunities and the chance to enroll in ProTrack (next classes begin October 2017), which is a program designed to guide emerging speakers through the initial stages of building a business. There is also an Academy Program at the national level. Information can be found at