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Our Mission:
To provide professional speakers, trainers and consultants with forums, methods and resources to improve the overall quality, continuity and success of their business.

Thank you for your interest in NSA Ohio Apprentice Candidacy Program.  NSA Ohio is an award-winning chapter of the National Speakers Association. NSA Ohio Chapter is comprised of professional and emerging speakers. We meet regularly for professional development meetings, and networking.

We consist of full-time, part-time, and emerging speakers, keynote speakers, seminar leaders, corporate trainers, independent trainers, workshop leaders, consultants, authors, and speaker’s bureaus.

NSA Ohio has a membership program for professional speakers and an apprentice candidacy program to assist speakers working toward professional membership. As a part of NSA Ohio, you’ll have a community of networking support and outstanding educational programs to help you:

  • Connect with audiences
  • Hone presentation skills
  • Learn to reach potential clients
  • Get paid to speak
  • Improve business skills

How Can NSA Ohio Help You?

Would you like to hone your presentation skills, build a strong speaking business, and
reach a wider audience? Would you like a community that understands what you
do, offers you plenty of networking opportunities and strong peer support?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then NSA Ohio can help you.

The value of the Apprentice Candidacy Program includes seminars at the ‘member-rate’ which provide information regarding brand marketing, business development, etc.  It also provides opportunities for networking, leadership roles, mentorship relationship and camaraderie. NSA Ohio is your best resource for developing your skills in your craft and as a business owner.


NSA OHIO – Apprentice Candidate Benefits
Please NOTE: The information contained within this document refers to the NSA Ohio Apprentice Candidacy Program, and is not affiliated with NSA National’s Academy for Professional Speaking.
  • 8 meetings for business-building and performance refinement
  • Apprentices receive ‘member-rate’ for meeting registrations
  • Opportunity to learn success secrets from nationally/internationally recognized speakers
  • Information on the latest trends in professional speaking
Training & Development
  • Opportunity to accelerate your advancement through ProTrack, NSA Ohio’s Premier Program for Professional speaker development
  • Regular opportunities to network with experienced professionals generous with pertinent information for emerging as well as experienced speakers
  • Mastermind opportunities
  • Camaraderie – people who aren’t in the business don’t understand what a professional speaker does for a living. You’ll find folks just like you here.
  • Potential referrals from your peers for speaking engagements
  • Receive NSA Ohio’s regular electronic communications
NSA National’s Academy for Professional Speaking Members Welcome!
  • Although not affiliated, active members of NSA National’s Academy for Professional Speaking may also apply for the NSA Ohio Apprentice Candidacy Program.  As special recognition of their Academy position, they will be placed at the top of the application list.

How Do I Become a Professional Member of NSA/NSA Ohio?

To be a Professional Member of NSA Ohio, you must first apply for and be approved as a Professional Member of NSA National. There are 3 ways to qualify:

  1. You received compensation for 20 or more presentations within the last 12 months
  2. You gave 20 or more presentations to audiences of 15 or more as part of a salaried position within the last 12 months
  3. You earned $25,000 or more giving presentations within the last 12 months

Our Program was Designed to Help You Achieve this Goal!!!


NSA Ohio Apprentice Candidacy Program Details

The purpose of the Apprentice Candidacy Program is to enable you to build your qualifications to reach professional membership with NSA and NSA Ohio as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, the following requirements and guidelines have been established:

Limited Program 

The NSA Ohio Apprentice Candidacy Program is limited to a maximum of 15 Apprentices – or 25% of the NSA Ohio Professional Membership, whichever number is greater – in any given NSA Ohio fiscal year (July-June). All other applicants will be placed on a waiting list and will be admitted into the Apprentice Candidacy Program in the order of application date.

Apprentice Candidates must provide evidence of growing their business as a speaker. These shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

 Internet Presence and Marketing

  • Website
  • Social Media for business (established by at least 2 of the following: Business Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube/Vimeo)


  • paid and pro bono speeches (record indicating past, present, as well as future plans)

Seminars and Special Member Growth Meetings

In order that the Apprentice may grow as quickly as possible to a Professional Member it is necessary that they attend all scheduled NSA Ohio seminars during their candidacy. (Limited exclusions are allowed). In addition, Special Member Growth Meetings throughout the year are highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Timely (24-month) Completion of Apprentice Candidacy Program

Apprentices must complete the requirements and enroll as an NSA National Professional Member within 24 months of their application in the NSA Ohio Apprentice Candidacy Program.  At the discretion of the Board, additional time may be permitted, not to exceed 12 months.  Failure to complete this requirement within the established time-frame will result in immediate removal from the Apprentice Candidacy Program as well as the benefits ascribed to NSA Ohio Apprentices.

View the NSA Ohio Apprentice Candidacy Program Code of Ethics

“When I read praising evaluations after a presentation I know they have a lot to do with NSA Ohio. It’s changed how I approach my speaking engagements.”

Lori Firsdon, Professional Member since 2011


“I love NSA Ohio. It’s my most important opportunity to connect with other speakers, to get valuable ideas and strategies for my speaking business, and to focus solely on speaking. I get some of my best ideas simply by being in the room surrounded by the speaking business energy.”

Jeff Nischwitz Professional Member since 2012


“I’ve learned so much about the speaking business from NSA Ohio. The caliber of speakers who come to our chapter is exceptional. These professionals – many with decades of experience – deliver tremendous value in an intimate, supportive setting.”

Christine Zust, Professional Member since 1997

Application and Cost:

  • View and Download an Application Here
    • Please note: To be eligible to apply for the Apprentice Candidacy Program, you must first attend any one of NSA Ohio’s seminars where you will learn more about NSA Ohio and this program specifically
  • $175 Apprentice Candidacy (includes $150 annual dues and $25 processing fee)


Email or leave a message at 866-900-6446